Send The Rain Ministries is a Spirit Filled church and evangelistic crusade ministry.

 We are a  soul harvesting ministry that believes in proclaiming the Word of God , the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, in it's entirety to the nations of the world in these end times.

 We believe that Jesus gives Everelasting Life to all those that beleive. He still saves, heals, strengthens, delivers, and fills us with power from on high. We still believe that He is the soon coming King and that we must expound  this truth to the masses of the world before the Rapture of the Church.

We are dedicated to fullfilling this cause of reaching people for Christ through:

-Media and Broadcasting
-Tent Revivals and Crusades
-Special Missionary Projects

Send The Rain Ministries was incorportated as a religious nonprofit corportation in the state of West Virginia in March of 2020.